By removing the upfront cost barrier of electric mopeds & bikes, we aim to reduce dependence on personal petrol vehicles for last mile and food delivery and leave future generations with a cleaner, healthier planet.


The only flexible electric delivery moped rental app designed specifically for the gig economy, providing fully maintained & insured, white label, zero-emission vehicles for food and last mile delivery.



Latest generation electric mopeds designed specifically for delivery duty with Bosch drivetrains integrated with real time GPS and keyless app control.


About us

We are on a mission to make our cities greener by reducing carbon emissions from on demand deliveries!

Download the elmovo app!

Boost your earnings with our hassle free scooters

Rent  flexible

Pick up a fully equipped, high quality, delivery-specific scooters from one of our London locations.

When you’re finished just return it back to base, plug it in and you’re done.

Earn flexible

Work flexible

Match scooter rental to your delivery hours

From £1.84 per hour

Insurance Included

No fuel costs, no long-term commitment.

You're in charge of how much you work.

And because you only pay when you ride, you'll have more money at the end of the day.








What our customers say 

Francisco Silva 

Shahin Miah

Simone Ruggiero

The bikes are very well equipped with the rain protector, USB charger and food box. They are reliable on the road and the battery lasts for the entire shift.


Client support is great - I always get my calls picked up and problems are resolved quickly

Great app. Really easy to book a scooter when I have needed one. Great for the environment too.

Customer service is very good - they are always very helpful

Quick off the line - you will pretty much beat petrol bikes any day of the week (it's not a race). Really comfortable compared to other mopeds. Insulated liner in the massive box will keep all your food warm. Easy to understand and use and really sharp braking power. The brakes on this really surprised me. Decent battery life.


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26 Tonnes

CO2 Saving



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