If you have any questions call us on ‭07480 802636, or text on 07984 381456

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Where are scooters available to rent?

We have rental stations in Marylebone, Battersea, Swiss Cottage and Bethnal Green.

How much does it cost?

We offer three different lengths of rental less than a day, plus a weekly rental. Our operating hours are 7am to midnight daily.

Marylebone, Battersea, Bethnal Green:

  • £7 for 3h

  • £11 for 6h

  • £22 for 15h*

  • £100 for 1 week

Swiss Cottage special offer:

  • £5.73 for 3h

  • £9 for 6h

  • £18 for 15h*

  • £81.82 for 1 week

*Requires recharging during rental period


How do I set up an Elmovo account?

After downloading the Elmovo app, you’ll then need to enter your contact details on the ‘Edit Profile’ section.

Once you have done this, your driving licence can be verified by pressing the ‘Verify Driving Licence’ button and following the simple instructions on screen. Then just register your payment card for the £50 deposit and rentals.

Once that is all done call us on 07480 802636 to arrange an on-boarding session at one of our central London rental locations. The on-boarding session takes around 15 minutes and will guide you through the operation of the booking system; as well as starting, charging & using the scooters themselves.

Once these easy steps are completed, your account will be up and running, & you’re all set to start making bookings through the app!


Why can’t I submit my driving license?

We use a service called Veriff to check driving licenses. Veriff requires access to your device’s camera and microphone so please make sure you have given Veriff the necessary permissions.

More information is available here:


Are the scooters just for Deliveroo work?

You can use our rental scooters while delivering for any company and in any sector, not just food. The only requirement is that you have a Deliveroo account.


What if I get a Penalty Charge Notice?

Any PCNs received will be paid by Elmovo on receipt. We will issue you with an invoice for the charge which must be paid within 14 days. Failure to do so could result in your Elmovo account being suspended until the balance has been cleared. 

Please note there will be an £11 administrative fee for processing a PCN.